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Hi dave .
mr xtx has just put me on to the fact uksarc is changing .and I belive your the new guy in charge .
im a big fan of the format (not just cos I did well ) but because of how it works .now I dont know a lot about ft or hft other than what ive read .but these formats still dont appeal to me .the fact that I can compete with my hunting gun without changing a single setting on the scope is great .I think the 8-14 mm kills are one of the things that set sarc apart from other formats .50 yards is a long way but I will embrace this if so .it will only make for a harder course .
ps I have the uksarc trophy and would like to bring it back next year to be fought for .this years comp saw a fair few shooter on the last round in with very good chances of wining .it was hotly contested with some really good shooters giving it there all .I was lucky to have a storming final round to beat phil from treetops by 1single point .now I am still very inexperienced in comp shooting but uksarc had me buzzing all summer and practicing on my hunting perms on twigs and apples etc and making me a better shooter and for that im greatful . Thanks stu
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