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Hi guys got to this thread a bit late .but as the guy who won the overall trophy this year I thought id add my thoughts .Im a hunter who doesnt enter competitions .as ive never facied hft or ft .but uk sarc really appealled to me .the simplicity and the fact it was new and at grass roots level with no complicated rules (see target shoot it ) just like hunting .so why did I do so well in it,? 3rd last year 1st this year .because it lends its self so well to my style of shooting .that is ,rest on a tree ,sit and shoot off knee .lie prone no pegs .etc.i think the existing rules are just fine .i dont remember any bean bags to sit on in the comp ?? A flat mat .but no bean bags .As far as the 8mm kills at 10 m I loved them .In the last round I hit them all (had been practicing).but as far as needing top glass .I use a hawke 3-12x44 airmax set on10x mag and parellaxed at 30yds .so they were blurred as hell. But I used this to my advantage and dropped them all ..
dave please dont change the format too much .Its why guys like me come and shoot it .keep it simple but tough .im sooo looking forward to next year and want it to become more popular .all the best
ultra stu .
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