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Originally Posted by AndyIoW View Post
I use a turret with the marking from 15 to 20 yards which is the start of where the turret tops out. My set up has 20-35 yards as the same point on the turret. My scope has adjustable mounts which I think has helped this. Means that I only have distances on the turret.

I only go down to 15yds as I use the markings on the NATO recticle for the closer distances. Got sticky numbers and used double sided tape to affix them then a piece of single sided tape to 'seal' it all down.
With a zero set at 26 mtrs.... I only have to go one way with the clicks.... and I have set my pointer to be level with the machining groove on the turret at the zero point which avoids being one turn out (well I hope anyway) .

With The T50 I only have to go a smidgen past one complete turn for the real up close distances (9mtrs).


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