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Originally Posted by Heather View Post
Had the same problem with mine, power all over the shop over the chrono, bad grouping etc., gave the barrel a good clean and tried AA Express, they seem a lot better, doing around 800fps have also been told to clean the barrel regularly. The only reason I'm persevering with it is because I like the weight and it feels 'right', but if it ends up being too much hassle I'll get another TX for HFT, got one for FT and it is spot on and much more consistent/reliable than the Steyr.

Hope you get it sorted


Hi Heather , just a thought. We use JSB 7.9s ( as the factory does ) and run it just below 900 fps, 800 fps looks a bit low to us. It might be worth a try for the sake of a tin of pellets.

Regards G.
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