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What Conor also isn't saying is that although I won my grade by a good margin it was despite of rather than because of the Steyr! During that time I was off work recouperating from a heart attack and I had the time to try and sort it out. I had to chrono and adjust the speed before practice and the main shoot each and every time and I also had to adjust windage and elevation each time! It's only because of all the work I've put into the gun that's it finally seems to be behaving itself. I don't think this is acceptable on a rifle touted as the "best FT rifle available" which cost the better part of 2000! Oh and by the way Con I won't be buying an FTP any time soon as I don't like the fact that you can't adjust the speed properly and also home servicing won't be as easy as it is on the Steyr, after all I do know the Steyr inside out now :-) I'm under no illusions about my ability and no matter what gun I used I will never be one of the top shooters in the NW never mind the country or the world! rest easy Con I'm no threat to you or anyone else ;-) all I want is a reliable gun I don't have to fiddle with so I can concentrate on my shooting.
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