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Most people on here have heard about my trials and tribulations with my 2012 long barrel 110!
From brand new out of the box I could not get it to perform as expected, one shoot it would be fine next it would put pellets all over the place for no reason? high, low, left & right and the speed would be up and down by up to 50fps! After 18 months I've finally got it too behave. There isn't one simple fix I'm afraid? Mine came with the double cone air stripper which needed shimming to centralize it on the barrel and stop clipping. I've found the barrel needs cleaning (spotless) every 1-200 shots max, it won't shoot the new (yellow & black tin) AA 8.4gr pellets. It's good with JSB Express but I prefere the Exacts running around 785fps as I struggle with judging the wind with express pellets, I had to change the firing valve for the new style version, the hammer and internals had grease on them and had to be cleaned, the barrel was floated but I'm not sure this strictly had to be done and the reg was reading low from new. The spring ends where very rough and had to be polished along with the hammer. I too thought buying a Steyr & bolting a scope on top would enable me to just concentrate on my shooting! how wrong was I? the rifle now is deadly and reliable but I'm afraid I've just lost confidence in it to the extent of thinking about packing shooting in for good.
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