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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Gerard, it is vital that each hole is cleaned every 236 shots, I have a custom made small VFG rod and felt perfect for the holes as the pull through is a bit tricky as the holes are small.
Make sure each one is cleaned as I forgot to clean one of the holes and my pellets took twice the normal wind in a 1/4 value 3.6mph wind. Also the group size doubled in size from cherry to apple.

Gerard it is also important not to use the polishing scrub as the holes become so smooth that the noise made by the gun is not a crack but a whistle, and a whistling, whining Steyr is painful sound on the ears.

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Phew was expecting something very silly there connor like a beansprout,horse radish or some other root vegetable nice that you are being sensible for a change that's challote from me
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