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I'm speaking from experience for being the NEFTA secretary for a few years.

I don't know what happens in other regions, but in NEFTA at least when I was secretary, very little feedback came from the actual shooters. Decisions were made by the people at the regional meetings which then went up the line to the BFTA meetings.

Now as it stands, that doesn't work too badly because the people on the NEFTA committee are all very experienced shooters and on the whole I trust their judgement to make decisions on my behalf without me having to dib my oar in.

From my experience, shooters don't ignore agenda items out of complacency or apathy, it's normally down to lack of communication. Have a look on your own club websites and regional websites.. is there a contact email address for your club rep / regional rep on there? Do you even know who your club rep is?

Are minutes of your regional committee published anywhere available online or anywhere for that matter?

I can answer those questions for my own club / region.

Nope, there's no club rep details on either of the club websites for the two clubs I belong to (my fault because I'm the web admin for both of them)

Nope, there's no region meeting agenda/minutes available online (partly my fault again because I'm the web admin for the regional website too)

There is a region rep contact on my region's website now ( I put it on a couple of weeks ago ).

So... I have a look at your own club/regional websites.. is that information available to you?

If it isn't.. how the hell are shooters supposed to know what the hell is being discussed at club/regional level other than word of mouth?

It's high time that we embraced the technology that's available to us and moved on from a system that was devised 30 years ago.
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