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Couple of points on this.. firstly I think it's high time that communication was improved between club reps, region reps and the BFTA.

We've done this before - when we went from 40 to 50 targets on the GP's - I wrote a little voting app and loads of people voted - no problems with it and no vote rigging went on as far as I'm aware.

I wouldn't recommend doing away with the current system at all - just enhance it with better communication channels.

So this is how I would propose it :-
  • Everyone on the BFTA grading list gets a vote (that way we can validate against the list and check whether people have already voted etc.)
  • Votes are collated and displayed for everyone to see and votes are split into clubs and regions so the regional management committee's and regional reps can see how the majority in their region are voting.
  • A short optional comment will be allowed with each vote cast, or a mandatory comment is required if the person feels they can't vote yes or no for some reason. i.e. the proposal isn't clear etc.
  • I can stop vote rigging/multiple votes coming from the same person etc, but I don't believe it's a problem - we're all pretty honest and upstanding members of society.
  • No change in constitution is required (but even if it is - it's just a vote at an AGM/EGM to change the constitution, it's not a big deal)
  • regional reps / club reps still have the power to make another decision - the voting would be for guidance on the general feeling of the members.
  • When you vote you'll have the option of providing an email address with options to be kept informed of the final decision for the proposal from the BFTA and when the proposal is updated etc. You'll also have the option of being informed when new proposals are available for you to vote on.

Agenda items would need to be published to the voting system in good time for everyone to have a say.

Simples.. If that's what you want, I can either knock up a custom plugin module for the BFTA website or knock up a dedicated website specifically for that purpose.

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