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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Well, you can have the strip printed on white paper , or a nice pale blue to match your eyes , or even a metallic finish if you have a mark 1 EV2 or to suit a Steyr for example .
That's a great idea Rich.... why did I not think of that.... I am suppose to be in IT. I have everything on the menu except Coral Draw.... but I reckon I can get round that.

When I was trying excel... Based on the diameter of the turret (doing the elevation turret at the time) I worked out what the "Column width" should be in the so called spread sheet I was creating. one column per click. The width equated to .16mm if I recall... but the program kept defaulting to .18 which of course when multiplied up would not match my clicks.

Also trying to get text into that space which could actually be read...was going to be a problem.

So I gave up in the end because my brain hurt.

But I will try your method and see how I get on.

Thanks for the tips

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