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Default In doors

Indoors rob i would agree with you , indoors you could use a graph possibly to explain the technique you are using . BUT we are outdoors . wind is our main enemy .by the way the above hold was taught before you were born . so it just maybe out of date . now you can breath in and out to your blue in the face . but if the wind is right when you are not in the right position to shoot , then you have to start again . time is ticking away and the old oh my gord i am gonna run out of time , starts to kick in . if your natural alignment is below and left of the target ( depending on your assement of the wind direction and strength ) as you breath in the rifle rises high right to your assessed point of aim . wind check , windicator . or visual depending on the conditions . IE wind affect strongest at the target or wind at the barrel . steady . gone . no up down shoot . just smoothly to the target , check shoot . if you are the more steady shooter like possibly your self and woody . then what you are putting forward may well be the best way for you . but if you are a nervous shooter like my self . this works well .??? HOLLY

PS on the subject of windage the one that catches a lot of shooters out is the light continuess breeze . it happens a lot at carisbrooke . big field to the right . wind comes across like somebody breathing on your cheek . yeah no sweat . 50 yards , inside right or maybe a split . steady .off she goes , DONK . that light little breeze just keeps pushing the pellet all the way out . ??? HOLLY
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