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Why does it need to be above? Who says it does? Standing it's accepted to come in from above. But for other positions not so... many come from the below because as the body relaxes and falls on to bone structure it comes down and the muzzle comes up. So you come from below.

Why use muscle holding a breath in, when you can shoot lungs relaxed exhale and use the natural pause the body takes before CO2 % rises and initiates the desire to take a breath. Using lungs to inflate to get you on target is a technique, but it's a kludge, but why use muscle and energy when you don't need to?

Look at the graph hols... tell me is it better to take a shot at the top when the lungs move from inhale to exhale without stopping or which require muscle and effort to stop, or at the bottom where they naturally stop, where they use no muscle, and where the pause can be extended without effort?

Debatable if there's any difference in the time the wind gives you between the two, it doesn't know if you're puffing or panting , but your breath cycle gives you a better chance at the bottom i would suggest.

The rifle should sit where you want it. Breathing should disturb that, but it should go back to your NPA. Not the other way around. If you're putting it somewhere else, your NPA isn't on target. It should be. So you're body is pointing in the wrong place.

Sights aren't to get you onto the target.

Sights are to confirm you are on target. If you're not, you break and move.

It's all about position... all of it... 90% of what goes wrong afterwards is to do with position. You can't confirm aim without your position being right, you can release a shot if you're aim isn't good or position is stable, and you can forget follow through if the previous two aren't right.
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