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It's not a problem technology wise.

It's more a constitutional problem of how proposals are made, who decides, and how they are to be communicated before voting takes place. Else you could have some poor proposals which are seen by the majority as being great, but then fall flat in reality, and then the sport suffers.

All you are proposing is that instead of the reps voting as per the views (or not as the case may be) of the region, the shooters do it individually. But the problem isn't the voting per se, it's the lines of communication in between the region and the shooter. Regions and reps don't always communicate very well with each other. Clubs and regions dont' always communicate well with each other. Clubs and shooters don't always communicate well with each other.

For a proposal to be made by a region, it needs to come from the region (which we know doesn't always happen), but if it does, the region needs to decide that proposal, and that needs to come from views of the clubs, which comes from views of the shooters ideally... and that can be done by voting, or informal chatting or whatever, but if at any stage the proposal is faultering, then it never makes it to the BFTA... but if it does, then it goes back all down the chain of all the other regions to their shooters, then is nattered about, then comes all the way back up for the vote to be taken... and then some bright spark on a forum points out a word that suddenly everyone else sees differently and then there's a big huddle about it and the process starts again. Chinese whispers.

That's the bit that needs solving.

You either hand your club rep, region rep, whatever a mandate to use common sense and do what they think is best for the sport (or region if you want to play political) and come what may, and sack them when you don't like the out come, or you do it democratically all the way down and have endless meetings about tiny words, or do something in between... but how the vote is collected is really the least of the issue.

The mechanism is there. It's just not being used all the way. And outside of the BFTA it's hard for them to control how the communication is done.

Now if you have some ideas that you'd like CSFTA to discuss... then Andy Winch is your club rep. And I'm your region's rep. The door's always open Hols... as it is to anyone else.

There's an email going out tonight (all being well) so you can check with your rep at the weekend about their thoughts
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