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interesting rob . but not i think correct . adjustable everything can be a curse , as well as a favour . you will know i shoot a bull pup . no adjustable cheek piece . the forend slides back and forth . but that is it . now i used to shoot it off the knee which meant the cheek piece was where it was intended to be , on the cheek . as i have aged ( 21 ) stability is a problem . so to counteract that , i have to lower the rifle down to below the knee and try to lock it up with the leading hand . this means that the cheek is no longer on the cheek piece . not easy shooting wise , but it can be done . having said that , the standers and kneelers are spot on head wise . head straight up and air way clear . cheek on the cheek piece . so to me adaptability is more important than adjustability . if you start moving things around as you shoot the course . you miss , you blame the movement of whatever it was you moved . i know cos i have done it . oh sod it , i should have done this , instead of that . i lock every thing up and get on with it . not for every one . but it works for me . ??? HOLLY
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