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In terms of airguns, theres nothing I really fancy that'll outshoot what I've already got, well not in my hands anyway,.
The Mk3 FTR can be as accurate as an accurate thing, the HW100s soon to be th, is slick,smooth and again very accurate, the AAs410c in 0.22 is a perfect hunting tool, the TX200hc, is a very capable springer.
So to spend silly money on a Steyr,a Walther or vmach'ing the TX, to me is money best not spent at the moment.

Got a nice Rohm twin top pistol, and a Gamo compact, so pistols are sorted.

I fancy adding to the umarex CP88 and Colt 1911 with a Beretta fs92 and a Desert Eagle.

And if in 6 months, my NTSC full membership is advanced from probationer, then a couple of rimmies,a Ruger 10/22 and possibly a GSG5 ,and a 357/38 Rossi,Marlin or Winchester underlever rifle will be on the list.

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