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Thank you to all those who contributed.

My view of the solution was a simple one. Others have identified weaknesses in it and I concede these.

Thankfully, as a result of debate, Rob has provided a definition.

Rob and Helen's definition seems to me (sorry if I'm wrong) to be a clearer explanation of what people presently do with the addition that it identifies that certain practices are not allowed.

I look forward to the proposal being discussed in January (now that's a lie )

My original definition was only slightly modified. If any region would like the definition, and they can make any further modifications, then drop me a PM and email address and I'll send it to you. I shall not submit my definition as a proposal.

The kneeling discussion has highlighted to me that the BFTA needs to consider other means of finding the opinion of its shooters.
It has also shown that common consensus, on some issues, is not going to happen.

Goodnight and ENDEX

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