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What will go out to the CSFTA Management Committee just as soon as the Constitution is finished (the end is in sight...could be a loooong night though...not matching the loooooong days Helen has been slaving over it)

This is my personal idea for kneeling... and the reasons behind such. The region is completely free to make up it's own mind what I take to the BFTA though.

Some overall thoughts...

1) I don't think the roll solution works because shooters of varying sizes would ideally need varying size rolls. There is also the problem of how many rolls are needed for a shoot (spares?). Plus it affects all the regions, and those that wish to practice with one. (and that's before you get onto filling material!) Plus cost...

2) The mat idea doesn't offer support to the ankle.

3) Removal of all support would lead shooters to build that into their clothing. And then to course builders to try and defeat that in their courses.

4) The BFTA could fall out of step with other countries and their own regions

The Kneeling Position

General Clause:

Unless specified, it is accepted that when referring to parts of the body it includes the clothing adjacent to that part of the body.


Rear Foot: This is the foot which is placed under the backside.
Front Foot: This is the opposite foot to the Rear Foot.
Knee: This is the kneecap, and the area directly below the kneecap on the leg which ends in the Rear Foot.
Shin: This is the area occupied by the shin-bone on the leg which ends in the Rear Foot.
The Trigger Hand: This is the hand which is used to hold the pistol grip and operate the trigger.
The Leading Hand: This is the opposite hand to the Trigger Hand.
The Leading Arm: This is the arm below the shoulder which ends in the Leading Hand.
Bean bag: Any bag as defined as legal by the BFTA rules.

1 The position.

Only the Rear Foot, the Front Foot, the Knee and/or the Shin may contact the ground.

The Knee and/or Shin may be protected from the ground by use of a Bean Bag. If a Bean Bag is used as such then either;

a) the Bean Bag must be directly under the Knee and laid flat (not rolled or folded)


b) the Knee must contact the ground. When the Knee contacts the ground, the bag can be rolled or folded, and does not have to be laid flat.

In all uses of the Bean Bag: No part of the Bean bag can touch, or appear to touch, any of the following; Thighs, Buttocks, Front foot. No other use of a Bean Bag when adopting the Kneeling Position is allowed.

2 The hands

On the Leading Hand, in front of the wrist joint, only the Leading Hand or Glove should contact the rifle, or appear to contact the rifle.
On the Leading Hand and Leading Arm, any parts of the Glove and/or other clothing behind the wrist joint should not contact the rifle or appear to contact the rifle.

3 The Rear Foot

The Rear Foot, when viewed from the rear should be vertical in appearance. The Rear Foot is allowed to be angled so the ankle joint can be closer or further from the ground as desired. The toes can be bent or flat.

Bend it like Beckham... if you can. But I think it addresses the alleged warping, doesn't need any new kit, does what we broadly agree is a kneeling shot, and is easy to understand and check for.

I'm spent.
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