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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
I probably shouldn't even chime in since I'm a U.S. FT shooter and a poor one at that. However I follow these discussions with interest because we have similar rules debates as you might imagine.

From an enforcement standpoint I like your idea.... use the bag however you want ... if that makes it too easy just make the killzones smaller or move them further away. Define kneeling as 2 feet and 1 knee touching the ground or bag. Or say the supporting arm elbow (left arm for right-hand shooter) must be at or forward of the left knee.

Anyway...enjoying the discussions...nice distraction from writing database queries
Said this before . but i see FT as unlimited shooting . the barest amount of rules is all that is needed . the main one to watch is POWER .this is the biggest advantage that a shooter can have . as long as your position is unsupported from anything out side your self . away you go brother . you want to use a single point sling sir , no problem . you want a double point sling , no problem . as long as the sling is only tightened onto your body by your hand , away you go . FT is the best man , with the best kit and the best knowledge of how to use it . not don't do this , don't do that . lets stop arguing , get some good courses out and have a good days shooting. but i would be happy with kneeling rolls ??? HOLLY
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