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Default My definition

Hi Shaun me old mentor......Definition hey?...Personally I`m a really, really big fan of the new BFTA proposal on kneeling. Gets my vote, infact I did vote for it. Bag forward of the knee, no rolls, wrist forward of the knee and stock not resting on the forearm. Oh yes, all sounds like a proper kneeling position that would show off the shooters natural ability to hit targets whilst kneeling......However, its flawed and wont work! Its pointless, bit like me expecting to hit my head whilst walking under a door frame.
Shooters will still bend the rules to gain an advantage.

Why not Shauns thinking?? Answer; wont be enforced by chief marshal, line marshal or buddy marshal. Simply, the new rule will not be marshaled correctly. Half the time the appointed marshals dont know the rules or are busy talking. Buddy marshals dont challenge their shooting partners either except for odd individuals. So forget the rule change until kneeling lanes are marshaled by a specific `kneeling lane marshal`....bit like HFT. (maybe Sparky can verify thats what happens on UKHFT shoots). Works for them, cant see why FT cant adopt the same?

So Shaun you`ve asked for definition on kneeling....Mine would be something like this.....
Bag can be used to support your knee through to your ankle, placed anywhere you feel comfortable.
Hand forward of the knee supporting the rifle.
The rifle stock can rest on forearm to enable more support.
Rear foot can be upright or flat to the ground to suit footwear.
Shooting gloves and slings can be used to aid stability.

All seems fair? at least we can all do the same now. No ones breaking any rules now?
Every one is shooting off the same playing field so still boils down to best shot wins?
After all thats all I want, to compete fairly against a shooter doing the same as me. So `ll do the same as them!
Until lanes are marshaled shoot to the Gilly definition.

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