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Well shaun , thank you for putting your head above the parrapet on this question . i think if anything was needed , this is the best answer . IE the kneeling roll . on the different sizes of roll , for different size feet . perhaps a longer sausage shape that could be doubled over would do ( but not sat on ) to those people who say , if you cannot do it ,leave the sport . please remember this is a sport for all who wish to do it . not just a few fit people . pain is not on the agenda . what would i like to see kneeling wise . first i would open the kneelers up to 55 yards again as it used to be . then i would allow the bag to be used as the shooter required . simple . like the pie man . ??? HOLLY

PS i would open up the standers to 55 yards as well . i'm as lucky as the next man .
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