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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Sorry Rob, you were not there and you are wrong.

Iindeed, maybe thats where this "kneeling" problem stems from.

Too many people have looked at photos and decided that something is wrong. Its a pity they are not so upfront at a shoot in confronting shooters not following the rules.

There is a gap in this shot, but from the etremly low angle the photo was taken from it can not be seen.
Do you seriously think I would put an illegal postion up as legal!!!
I was not where? The BFTA minutes are wrong? Was this passed or not?

The leading hand will support the gun and, forward of the wrist should itself be unsupported (the wrist is deemed to be the hinged joint between hand and
forearm). No part of the stock should be in contact with the forearm, only the
hand forward of the wrist.
Perhaps a better shot needs to be taken then clearly showing a gap, and not one that doesn't. However as this an extremely low angle it's hard to see how one from a higher angle will show it being clearer. There needs to be a clear gap. There needs to be a clear gap in the reference shot and to the person marshaling the shot. Otherwise it will be deemed as most people would say as touching, and therefore illegal.

It's really that simple Simon. Yes I think you have taken a shot, by accident, which shows something illegal, hence why I am pointing it out.

Last time I challenged a shooter it was you. I believe the challenge stood, and you were not given the point for a second shot at a target after pulling the string. Correct me if I am wrong.
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