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Default As voted for

At the 2013 Bfta Agm the kneeling rule was changed.

Following on from the discusions that took place and voting, these are what I consider to now be the legal kneeling postion.

Bag, large or small, forward of the knee only, thus offering not support to the Shin or Leg.

Bag legal as voted for at 2013 AGM

Using the bag to keep the knee clean only, Steep downhill shots are perfectly shootable

As are steep uphill shots. (Ground between pegs on disapline lanes must be as flat as possible)

Previously to the 2013 AGM, a bag, large or small could be used with the Shin resting on it, this is now not allowed

Likewise, a Bag is now not allowed to be used under the Ankle

My personal view is that with a Bag (or any sort of support) under the ankle, the differculty of a kneeling shot in terms of a displine has gone.
I am over 20 stone when shooting so there are not many who are putting more weight and strain on their ankle than myself. However, with the bag under the ankle the shot to me feels little more than a sitter as all the weight is taken by the bag, even a small kidney shapped one .
However, I can easily take just two kneeling shots in a row with knee on edge of bag, for its only two shots at a time we take.
Given most I believe sit to range find a kneeler then kneel to shoot (Peter Jacob exempt), that means in the Knee on bag edge only position I would estimate most will spend less than 1 minute in this position.
Those shooters that have actually tested the new rule have found no discomfort that is of concern.

The Bag under the shin gave no real advantage from my experience and testing, apart from on unevean ground.
However with the new rule ragarding the ground between the pegs on a displaine lane, that should no longer be a problem.

Bag under the knee only as voted for at the AGM should be tried for a year.
If you think differently you have as neil has stated until Dec 26 (i think) to get your regions new proposals to the EGM. Those are the BFTA rules on "rule making."

However, it may be the case that I will propose a slight change in that it becomes a "GP" rule only.
Thus, if a region decides its members at regional shoots can put the bag under the shin or ankle for support, so be it, under Main shoot rules.

Thus the "GP" kneeling rule would only effect the few of us doing the series, as apposed to those trying the odd local Gp on a regular basis and of course a regional shoot.

I am 100%against the matt idea.
I can foresee a muddy shoot where some 20 or so pairs of boots have trodden on the matt ,getting up or down before I take my turn. Thus, as a shooter who likes to waer shorts when possible, I have no intention of placing my knee in mud, or indeed worse. Likewise if I come across a muddy matt I would not be keen to place my clean trousers on it during the colder months.

That is why the bag should be used to "keep the knee clean" ONLY.

Forearm rule
The stock must not rest on the forearm.

This is Legal

This is not allowed / illegal post 2013 November AGM

Once a final "ruling" is made and "regions" have decided what the 2014 kneeling rule is, I will via Bfta try and do a set of photographes again so hopefully all will be clear.

Finally, thank to those that helped with the photographs, those that I have used and not.
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