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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
I fully support any decision that the BFTA make's and the rule's that they print,i know why you are doing this but it seem's to me that you are giving in to children stamping their feet
Think you will get this every time you have a meeting now,seem's a shame cause i'm sure you have better thing's to do with your spare time.
How many roll's will you have to supply for each shoot and what will happen when some one forget's the roll's,will we go back to bag's?
Simon, I have to disagree. I am an individual asking for help in writing a definition. I am not an officer of the BFTA although I give my time voluntarily to help administer its shoots. I listen to views at the BFTA events and sometimes reflect that in proposals I present. I recognise many of the contributors to the kneeling thread as shooter from the BFTA circuit. I also recognise that views of STB contributors do not necessarily represent the views of FT shooters. However, where is the harm in asking?

I going to reiterate: if the agreed definition at the AGM is a good one then it will stand. If there is a better one then let's attempt to find it. Whatever this thread may produce will still need to be agreed or dismissed by the BFTA regions.

I submit this thread in an attempt to find support for a definition. You may notice that there are contributions they do not seek to support this.

That there is discussion about BFTA decisions I view as a good thing. Perhaps the method of collecting information from shooters presently used does not reflect all views. Perhaps the use of a forum is not wise as people see it as a rant facility (nowt wrong with that), however, I see no harm in responding to views and then testing them by vote.

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