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Default BFTA - help me define a kneeler.

Dear all,

I was at the BFTA AGM when the new kneeling definition was agreed. It was voted 7 regions for and 1 abstention. It would be fair to consider that it was a strong endorsement of the definition. However, having read the kneeling thread it is clear that some people oppose the definition. So I thought Id ask STB readers to contribute to writing a kneeling definition.

Bur first some points:
1) I downloaded the ISSF rules and regulations; it extends to 466 pages. Whilst we would like FT to have minimal rules it seems to me that kneeling will need detailed definition because we want any readers to be clear of the definition.
2) I think that we need a clear definition because it is fair that all shooters know that their competitors are shooting kneelers to the same definition.
3) Kneelers should be more difficult. Next years GP season will consist of 350 targets of which only 28 will be kneelers.
4) Hopefully together we will write a definition to the satisfaction of all but if the other thread is an example of our differences then perhaps thats unlikely. We must all accept some compromise.
5) If this process is successful then it will be sent as a proposal as a response to the outcome of the AGM. It would still require support from the regions.

Ill start the ball rolling. Please add constructive comments, pull it apart and redefine etc. Then if there is a consensus then I will modify and repost the definition.
Please know that I have no preference other than the desire to have a fair kneeling definition for the 2014 season.

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