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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
nope, not to replace licensing... but more as a revenue and collective structure for shooting organisations, without them getting tangled together themselves. I think it would mandatory for the organisations in the scheme, after all, they would lose the benefit if they still had to cater for their previous method of collecting revenue and supporting their membership with news etc

so you might get a passport insurance scheme, a passport magazine/website, perhaps an advance payment scheme, a collective body with numbers that are a sum of it's parts, and one media voice (assuming the numbers were large enough to support it).
I'm all for it & the concept is good,insurance backed,data base possibly carrying your relevant governing boby number eg BFTA in my case ,national insurance number for personel identification & picture , rifle serial numbers.Proof that you are serious competitor & shoot safely.
We have a similar thing in Contracting the National Safety Passport & CSCS ,all logged back to a data base,good idea in principle as long as it doesn't turn into a money making racket as the Safety Passport & CSCS schemes have.

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