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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Has anyone out there had any actions dipped by these guys ? If so what was the cost ( roughly pounds & pence ) ? & the turn around time ( not to the nearest minute ) from them starting to finish ?
As i may have a project that may need some Hydrographics work but i need to keep the cost to potential value realistic !

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Hi Scott,

I had a Protarget done last year. The stock was dipped in realtree on silver (like Trev's) and the cylinder and barrel shroud done in a satin black 2 pack paint which was then baked for 48 hours. The cost of the stock doing was 120 and the cylinder and shroud doing was 80. I was originally quoted 220 for the stock and action doing in realtree on silver but in the end I preferred to keep the action satin black so I would assume an action only doing would be approx 100.
Turnaround was 4 weeks.

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