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Originally Posted by Amac View Post
Well, it would appear that many of us enjoyed the shoot at Furnace this year what with so many shooters recording good scores and personal bests etc.

I thought the ground was rather like the Kibworth setup without the loud bangs and the sight of ugly grown men dressing in womens clothing, however alluring that might be to some. Well done to Kieran for stuffing the scouser once again! I have written the feature for the magazine and have made some positive comments on Furnaces' behalf as I reckon it is a ground with an HFT future, so well done to Ed and Jane for that.

I would only confirm that the comments made by Simon regarding the marketing activities associated with the series relying upon only a couple of very generous sponsors is spot on. Those that feel the need to "lift" the statistics, however good their intentions, need to be mindful of that fact.

If my knackers remain intact, I intend to drop into Kibworth to see those ladymen hopefully this Saturday. If not, I will probably be in surgery........

Frank I thought that son of yours shot really well on Sunday and he only finished one point behind Keiran
Well done Chuckles
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