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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Peter I think the point trying to be made is the DMHS "Daystate" Midland Hunter Series is sponsored by Daystate and supported by Solware, they both very kindly contribute towards the series with fantastic prizes and trophies etc. The Tables and results are displayed on the series website where Daystate and Solware banners are displayed along with pictures showing previous winners proudly wearing their Solware jackets etc, if the information is available elsewhere the advertising the sponsors receive is diluted. We really don't need to loose sponsorship within the sport so some courtesy to the organisers and sponsors should be given, at least ask before using information even if it does appear to be in the public domain, as contrary to your view it may not be in the interests of all concerned for that information to be borrowed.
A lot of effort has gone into this series over a period of years by present and previous organisers to run a very healthy series with good sponsorship and sponsors don't grow on trees.

Simon Howarth.
Good point Simon - I think we can solve this problem. Here is how - the series page on ********** contains some content which I arbitrarily put there (actually the photo in Solvare jackets you mentioned was there) but nothing stops us from adding some sponsoring info there, which I provisionally did (see http://**********.net/#/series/6 - please refresh the page).

Also each event has a section at the top where we can add any content you like:

For now you can drop me an email and I will upload whatever content you want. In the future I'll add a page where you can edit it yourself.

Would it help?
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