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Default A shooting passport... would this work in the UK?

Having a natter with Dave after a recent shoot, he mentioned that in the US, shooters have a shooting passport... bear with me.

What this is, is an organisation that collects subscriptions to organisations (and presumably could do clubs) and then forwards those monies on... the idea seems to be that you each have a passport, which is stamped with your affiliations, and thus can be presented when you need to.

The advantages are;

a) one organisation that has a global overview of numbers and who does what, and who also they belong to... as well as being useful to the community, it could prove politically impressive. It also could serve as a very good broad news service covering all shooting

b) one organisation collects monies, thus allowing for savings in that, opening stuff like online payment etc and perhaps opening the chance of bulk purchasing of common needs

c) it does not require the various organisations to join together or form an umbrella... something which often stops organisations making the most out of common needs.

Having mulled it over, I can't think of any negatives... imaging the clout of having all the numbers of the NRA, NRSA, CPSA, BFTA, UKAHFT etc with all the additional rep of those shooting abroad bolted on. I'm sure the costs of collection would be offset by the benefits such as a global insurance scheme, legal advice and a magazine etc
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