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Originally Posted by fatty View Post
Yes, do feel like my website and efforts have been slightly ripped off. Spend a lot of hours entering data to have it ripped for another site. Can't speak for all but seems like an effort to pinch visitors from the series genuine site.
I am sorry that it feels that way. That wasn't my intention.
I am a shooter myself and was always looking for the place where I can find all my scores, look at the stats etc.
Since I am also a Software Engineer I decided to make one.

I hope it will serve people and also promote the organisations such as clubs or shooting series by giving people centralized access and search capability.

If it feels like the data was ripped off, it is my fault and I should credit people who enter the data more.
I am trying to add links to the original websites like I did for DMHS, so people can go there for more details, please see:

My intention wasn't to pinch the users - on the contrary I believe it will promote the original websites and will help with the heavy lifting of maintaining the scores. I am also thinking about embeddable tables, so people can embed ********** data in their websites, so the series website is still the main place to go to for the users.

Soon I will let event organizers to enter the data directly into ********** and "post to shooting-the-breeze" "post to airgun-bbs" buttons, so if someone is interested in sharing the data and promoting their event they will be able to.

The website is in its infancy, so it is a learning process, including what people accept and what they feel uneasy about. At the end of the day I try to use the rule of thumb that if the data is public and it serves the community I tend to use it. Having said that, I will need to credit people for the hard work of entering the data.
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