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Originally Posted by welshweeks View Post
I'm very new to the sport and the T35 was recommended to my by a very experienced person. I've found it to be very good, it range finds superbly and the optics seem fine to me. There are obviously better scopes out there but for 200 I doubt you'll find better. Of course there are superior scopes available if money is not an issue..........

This is of course the T35 not T50 which is what you were asking about, but just thought I'd let you know of my (very limited) experience!
I am very tempted by the T35 as I have not seen any bad Press , only good things, can you
tell me what your spacing s on your side wheel for 35/40/45/50/55. I am also new to this sport but I hate keep changing kit, so I don't want to go for the T35 and then wish I had gone for the higher mag
Thanks for all Your replies
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