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Originally Posted by UnSean View Post
I have read some of this re this forth coming rule change, I am still unclear re the following.

1. How much of your bag can you use to rest your knee on, 3",4",10" does the size of your knee matter?

2. Who decides if your using to much of your bag?

3. Can you appeal and wait for an organiser etc to adjudicate if it's disputed?

4. When should you be informed that you are using your bag incorrectly, before the first shot, after the first shot or after you have shot the lane?

I'm new to shooting Sean.
And until this thread started, I had no idea that people were cheating - if indeed, they are. Maybe their intention is not to cheat, in fact. Maybe they have just slipped into the most comfortable form of kneeling that they like and no-one has ever questioned it before. I don't know.

But I'd suggest that to be sure that there can be no accusation leveled again a competitor, he/she, and those around, must be satisfied that no advantage can have been gained by the use of the bag.
It surely doesn't matter if 3" are used or 4".

It has got to be about common-sense and a commitment by all competitors not to seek an unfair advantage over those against whom they are competing.
With regard to the 'advantage' gained by wearing a 'strait-jacket' ~ JamesO doesn't wear one, and neither does Calps. Gilly & John C do. So where is the advantage. It is down to personal preference.
Preferring to 'sit' (on a seat bag) at a kneeling lane is an unfair advantage over someone who kneels.
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