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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Just puzzled that if the kneeling system has been in place for so very long, and was ok...why isn't it ok now ?

It has been a bone of contention for some time,it's just some one has decided to stop turning a blind eye and do something.
I tried the new position as it was descibed at the bfta meeting i attended,hurt my toe's more than my anckle.
I do not mind my toe's hurting cause i know other's will be in a similar discomfort.
People ,not all have taken the mick for long enough and i for one am glad it's being addressed.
I do not wish pain on other's ,but i do want a rule that everyone has to addear to.
If you put your bag out in front of you and kneel on a small section to keep your knee clean then your backside get's no support.
I have known people to have so much support from their bag's ,that you can see them leaning into the bag.
Remove the bag and they would have feel over.
Yes it's a shame that we all have to suffer,but if you turn a blind eye then you are as bad as the cheat that's doing it.

I have read some of this re this forth coming rule change, I am still unclear re the following.

1. How much of your bag can you use to rest your knee on, 3",4",10" does the size of your knee matter?

2. Who decides if your using to much of your bag?

3. Can you appeal and wait for an organiser etc to adjudicate if it's disputed?

4. When should you be informed that you are using your bag incorrectly, before the first shot, after the first shot or after you have shot the lane?

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