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Default throw the rules out

i'm not so sure i want to shoot in comps anymore ?

37 PAGES of how to kneel isn't normal ... or fun, to either read through or take part in.
The prospect of pulling off a great shot and being cheated you used too much of the bag to kneel on ?
You used it as a support ?
But wearing those daft straight jackets that are built to support...that's ok ??

There's just too many rules about FT now for me.[/QUOTE]

So let's get rid of all the rules
Let's just use what power rifle we like with whatever high power round we like.
Let's use bipod's or tree stump's to rest on.
Laser range finder's save buying one of those March scope's.
Lap top's with chairgun wind estamation programmed in.
How much fun would it be then,how much bitch1n then and i'm betting a lot more than 37 page's of dribble on the breeze
I did not think that many people feared kneeler's,i was it seem's very wrong.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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