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Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
All this makes giving up the sport I (used too) love so much easier
Ill be honest.
It used to be a lot more fun before all these rules etc came into play.
It's become "different" maybe it's because, due to work and family life, kids growing up and so on i have been out of the loop for a time.
16 years in fact, but now that i am in it again, and loving shooting again, at home most of the time, playing around with pellet choices, scopes, mounts, zero settings, wind gauging and other parts that make up the whole deal... i'm not so sure i want to shoot in comps anymore ?

37 PAGES of how to kneel isn't normal ... or fun, to either read through or take part in.
The prospect of pulling off a great shot and being cheated you used too much of the bag to kneel on ?
You used it as a support ?
But wearing those daft straight jackets that are built to support...that's ok ??

There's just too many rules about FT now for me.
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