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In my opinion a change in the minimum kill zone size could well be a move in the right direction, one I largely agree with. The 8mm or 10mm kill zones are unless you have top quality glass are incredibly difficult and next to impossible once a few shooters have shot them due to the pellet signature around the tiny kill. As already said a lot of the time those tiny kills are practically invisible unless your using top quality glass.
Regarding stocks, it's my understanding under present SARC rules that custom stocks are allowed as long as all adjustable butts, hamsters and cheek pieces are wound in to neutral position??? That seems pretty fair to me!
I've spoken with others and they have agreed with me are to ban the practice of allowing rifle butts or any part of the rifle to be in contact with the ground when shooting prone etc. I would suggest that it be mandatory to shoulder the rifle!
If allowed to SARC will adapt and refine it's format, just as HFT has over the years to become the success it has become! Didn't happen over night!

Another suggestion would be some kind of badge system as in all the HFT series, National, Midlands, Northern and Southern. These have proven to be a success year on year and would no doubts be just as successful in UKSARC! And trophys 1st to third in all classes!

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