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Question Guns , guns and more guns

Hi all

I have had my fair share of airguns including semi auto .22's , fast fire military looking plinkers ,chinese break barrels , expensive 10m target pistols , springers , pre charged , break barrel , underlevers , pump up pnematics ....... jeez the list is endless . Sadly most have been sold on as it seemed daft to have so many guns laying idle when I have two kids to feed and clothe

I now have a few fairly unique guns but will soon have just the one springer , one PCP and a couple of fun guns one of which is a AK47 bb gun that I bought on the day of the ban so its probably worth hanging onto .

How many of you had a hoard or airguns that you decided to downsize ? I know a lot of people still have immence collections but personally I was worried about the way in which our sport was being portrayed so I decided to sell them off rather than get lumbered with them ( anyone remember Brocock TAC guns ) .

I don't regret selling any of my collection as they were great to own and see how they were engineered over the decades , they used to use brass and all sorts don't you know . lol

Did you downsize or hang on to your collection ?


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