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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
So you shot two squirrals, at night, unsuported, standing?

As we all know, a squirral has to be shot in the head with an airgun to insure a clean kill, a squirral brain is about 20mm.

So you shot a 20mm unsuported stander at live quarry and you were 100% sure of a clean kill?

What range?

and if i set up a 20mm target at 20 yards for you to shoot freestanding, how many times do you think you would kill it or were you using a shotgun?
Who ever heard of shooting squizzers under a lamp? I merely used lamping as an example of a hunting scenario where you rarely use support. If you read it you'd notice where I used the words "This morning".

With 30ft/lb under 20y anything from the chest and up does the job, so the target area is more like 50mm. This isn't sporting shooting it's pest control, if it's grey and up a tree it gets shot. Nobody makes a clean kill with an Airgun every single time, it's what you strive for however runners can happen with any type of shooting. For the record my buddy shot two I got one.

Before we derail another thread with our ********, speak with people who go out hunting or do some yourself so you have a better idea what's involved. There's more to it than laying up with a bipod, I'll gladly take you out for a wander with Hal and the dogs next time you're in the parish.

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