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Originally Posted by Kevg View Post
I totally agree with Steve's comment! It is all about knocking tin chickens over, not about been humane and killing prey clean! Sarc is a target sport which is in its early days but surely as a new disapline will only bring new shooters in to the frame and ultimately boost the airgun industry in this country. I love HFT and will always compete but it's also nice to have a change from the norm, shooting both has taught me a lot and I hope more target shooters will compete in next years series!
I was going to shoot last year in the Target class, but i was told that even though i had to pay full price, none of my scores would count towards the championship as I was a target shooter.

If they don't want me, I wont shoot.


At UKSARC, we've never joined the 'arms race' of using incredibly expensive rifles and scopes - we prefer guns to look like guns. As a consequence, the main class in the UK Sporting Air Rifle Challenge will be for traditional sporter style guns, as opposed to target rifles. There will be a place for our friends who shoot such guns, but they will have their own class and will not qualify for championship points.

Aimed at hunting rifles & scopes
Knockdown targets

Realistic sized kill zones
Extra classes for .22 and recoiling
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