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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
Even when walking around lamping? Walking the dogs this morning we shot 3 squirrels, not a bipod, peg or rest in sight all were unsupported, two standing, one kneeling. Bipods are fine when laying up with NV but what happens when the grass grows? I know you don't do much hunting as you prefer target shooting but please double check your references before you refer to them.
So you shot two squirrals, at night, unsuported, standing?

As we all know, a squirral has to be shot in the head with an airgun to insure a clean kill, a squirral brain is about 20mm.

So you shot a 20mm unsuported stander at live quarry and you were 100% sure of a clean kill?

What range?

and if i set up a 20mm target at 20 yards for you to shoot freestanding, how many times do you think you would kill it or were you using a shotgun?
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