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Default better thing's to do

What is missing ratinator is Simon Evans prattling on about " How Can You Miss with An NJR " his old drivel had a quieting and mesmeric effect on the reader , there were fairy stories in there too . like how his muzzle brake defeated the wind . his standers were reaching perfection ( yeah right ) . i now hear he has shares in gary kane . now if that lot does not bring him out of the woodwork , nothing will .

Don't think that will bring him out the wood work Holy,he's gone very quiet on here of late.
Think he's spending all his time at weight watcher's at the moment not on a diet,he's asking all the member's if he can have any pie's they have left in the fridge

Face book is where you will find his latest load of rubbish
I asked Gillie if his muzzle defied wind,can't print his exact reply but he did say it shoot's like a ferrari.

I did not know ferrari's could shoot
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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