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Default That was my thought Jon

Originally Posted by dave croucher View Post
Surely you realise by now that if you got something ,and someone else aint and they think youve got an advantage, then they can do their utmost to get ti banned.All you need to do is suggest it at a bfta agm

Lets face it the likes of S&B ,airarms ,premier rets (a while ago i know),jsb ,daystate etc have all spent 1000s on r&d to give no'one any advantage at the demand of no shooters

I dont think so!!!!!! We all shoot what we choose to shoot because we think its the best we can get

Carrying the current banning to its conclusion and we will be back to bsa meteors and open sights ,and FT will be dead
Calm down Dear,Mr Croucher you seem very tense over the current issue's,may i suggest a nice warm bath followed by some of Tool's secret reciepe root veg soup.
I am only entertaining Holy's idea to try and get the breeze back on track,instead of moaning about the rule's

Why would it be banned if its part of the rifle.[/QUOTE]

That was my thought's Jon,if it's built into the rifle and not added for the standing lane then why should it be banned.
After all Daystate's have electronic's and batteries,plus chrono's and thing's,and people have weight's on their stock's so why can they not be spinning weight's?
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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