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Originally Posted by stillwater View Post
Best remember SARC is a fledgling sport which hopefully will adapt as FT and HFT have done over the years, think Dave needs to be given a bit of slack. remember he runs a Shotgun club that is just starting branching out into Air rifles, as such I am sure he will be willing to listen to most sensible ideas. Just remember he is learning as well
Quite correct Greg .

Dave deserves all the support & credit for taking it on .

As with all new things , rules always need a bit of fine tuning .

Personally I'd like to see the sitting position without a cushion .

Bum on the ground .

I think the original concept is correct .

Gary is correct about stocks . Standard stocks in SARC class.
All modded / custom stocks in Target class .

Maybe 2 classes for springers , 177 & 22 ?

These are purely my own opinions .
Isuza imBuzi . . . . . .
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