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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Sorry Pete, that wasn't quite what I meant. I meant that UKAHFT have the same problem in that where something is not defined as being legal, or not mentioned in the rules as such, then shooters assume that everything isn't mentioned, is legal. I wouldn't want to mention specifics as I'm not sure how Pete handles and announces rule changes, but this is based upon a conversation last week with Pete, where he shared his exasperation of having to make or change a rule to deal with something that is generally accepted as being illegal, but isn't actually in the rules.

I think all sports can learn and look at each other as to how rules are made, interpreted, and enforced.
That's the nature of the beast Rob, for next year we will have just one small addition to the rules but the main thing is to react quickly when these problems occur rather than allowing people bend the rules for years.

I can still remember attending a meeting at LNER with Dave Baines about creating a marshalling course to sort these same problems
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