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The problem Gerry is it is a target sport and allot of us are very competitive.

I remember being told that I was not allowed to have a hamster made from a bit of old fence post on the front of my rifle to give me a nice deep for end, but I was allowed to go out and purchase a 600 aftermarket stock to do just the same.

Just like now, FT shooters are allowed to sit on a nice big cushion and bench rest their rifles on their knees, but HFT shooters have to shoot without a peg, on their elbows and that is if they can see the target from the prone position.

Love it or hate it, at least the UKAHFT allows everyone to shoot from a level playing field, if you can't afford a Paul Wilson Stock, then use a bit of old wood and make a hamster, if you cant afford a raised cheek piece, use a bit of old neoprene to raise it up.

UKAHFT is for grass route shooters, where as sarc appears to be a bit elitist.
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