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Re BFTA marshalls. Is it fair that this gets put on marshalls? These won't be professionals like local league refs or umpires ( and look at the problems there ). Just shooters doing it for nowt.

The phrases are using the word 'support'. When does 'contact' become 'support' and how do you differentiate between the two? Is that bag just touching that thigh/buttock or is it supporting it?

You are a marshall 'standing' a few feet from a kneeling shooter. Your elevated, standing, view won't allow you to see most of the seat/bag because it will be obstructed by the shooter's body. So do you have marshalls on all fours with their eyes inches away from shooter's buttocks. Sliding fingers between buttocks, groin, inner thighs and bags to make sure there is no contact/support? Good luck with that especially with juniors.

So it will be down to interpretation of that particular marshall at that particular time from their viewing position. So it will still be controversial with some shooters saying that other shooters are taking an advantage and some marshalls are stricter than others.

Nobody really answered the trial question. Have trials been done to see if the 'controversial' bag positions actually give that much help? Someone above suggested that it could maybe be worked out from next season's kneeling scores. If the bags aren't giving enough help to cause concern then it's all hot air over nowt. If the results show that kneeling scores drop ( or just do some trials ) and it's shown that bags do indeed give too much help then stick with no bags and maybe new proposals for rolls etc to help those in discomfort.

The marshalls do a fabulous job but is it fair to put this on them?

Re discouraging new shooters ... If they are shooting the same courses as everyone else ( which they would be ) then asking them to start from scratch by learning to shoot kneelers properly ( orthodox ) doesn't seem like a bad thing. I've been shooting tin chickens for many years but have just started FT ( properly ). Trying to hit 55 yarders and tiny kills and standers is tough enough ... so if that doesn't put me off then shooting 4 out of 40 targets in a proper kneeling stance shouldn't stop me from coming back for more.

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