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Like coaching, marshalling needs to be done on a clear set of principles. We can all think of quick fixes, but with those exhausted we'd still hit the same problems as we do now.

If marshalling is the problem, then we need to take a step back from the immediate issue of the day, and work on a set of principles for marshalling that then can be applied to all problems, not just the one of the moment.

There needs to be clear procedures in place for dispute, appeal, timing, enforcement, penalties, correction etc. There's no use in having a marshal if it leads to a heated debate on the firing line for 20 mins because someone thought they saw something that someone else didn't and to which there's no actual penalty to be applied anyway.

You want a clear set of procedures. What happens when a fault is seen? When is it a fault? How is it recorded? How is it penalised and when? How is that to be appealed against and when?

Otherwise even when a chief marshal is called, you can end up in the same position as I did when I saw something on a GP which the chief marshal didn't know the ruling on, and the shooter and I disagreed, much to the distraction of nearby shooters... not my finest hour granted, but get two shooters who both think they are right and will defend that idea and you will have it happen again unless there are clear procedures that when X happens then Y happens afterwards.
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