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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
not starting an argument here but, why would a marshall take a picture of an illegal position and say nothing, the BIG problem is MARSHAL INTERVENTION ie a shooting partner suggesting that they think their position may be incorrect.

Perhaps the onus should be on both shooter and partner, not too difficult to do what I do before taking the shot when in position, ask your partner is he happy and cover the aspects, ankle, knee, no bum thigh support, leading hand, wrist etc. it lityerally takes seconds to check.
I offered to do a kneeling lane marshal at the Welsh GP (Tondu) in 2012.

I offered to demonstrate correct position and it would in turn perhaps educate those who may not be aware of the ruling which is open to interpretation. Anyway my offer was was deemed unnecessary so perhaps
I agree - a quick checklist then a season with lane marshals and a few 0s added to cards would probably do the job. Photos are never a good idea as there are arguments about the photo time and the firing time and of course privacy issues, juniors, etc. Deal with it then and there, help explain what is required, spend a few minutes while stuck in a lane queue helping others.

I still think kneeling properly is more stable than using a soft, sloppy bag under the knee. Ankle rolls for those who suffer pain but they add wobbles :-)

Possibly the only thing needed is a quick-tie strap to go around the support forearm to take up the loose sleeving folds so that everyone can really see that there is nothing between jacket and hamster if there is some doubt.
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