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Originally Posted by EELS View Post
I also agree - as would most - with Neil's post, in that it's all about marshaling and enforcing the law. We are not going to go down the road of specific lane marshal's for kneelers as we don't have the man-power but we could make sure the roving marshal has a smart phone or digital camera so as they can randomly take footage/pics of competitors as they go through (this happened at the worlds in germany this year btw) for review at a later date, then if an infringement is deemed to have taken place we'll have the evidence and a penalty (dropped lane/points/yellow card/warning etc) can be applied retrospectively.

not starting an argument here but, why would a marshall take a picture of an illegal position and say nothing, the BIG problem is MARSHAL INTERVENTION ie a shooting partner suggesting that they think their position may be incorrect.

Perhaps the onus should be on both shooter and partner, not too difficult to do what I do before taking the shot when in position, ask your partner is he happy and cover the aspects, ankle, knee, no bum thigh support, leading hand, wrist etc. it lityerally takes seconds to check.
I offered to do a kneeling lane marshal at the Welsh GP (Tondu) in 2012.

I offered to demonstrate correct position and it would in turn perhaps educate those who may not be aware of the ruling which is open to interpretation. Anyway my offer was was deemed unnecessary so perhaps
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