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Brian's got a point; a lot of this seems to be about making kneelers more difficult. Is there any empirical evidence for this?
Probably not at this time - though I'm sure Shaun could devise another one of his much loved spreadsheets to record stat's throughout next season to give us some ;-)

Even if that is the reasoning behind the proposal there would be other ways to combat it eg.
1, extend the legal distance for kneelers
2, introduce mini's to discipline lanes (or kneelers anyway)

Though I do agree that sitting on your leg (on one of those tool bags that were doing the rounds a few years ago) is cheating as it's clearly not 3 points on the ground etc, alot of the other ingenious things shooters do with their bags could be classed as innovation. It's a competitive sport, so competitors will always be looking for an edge to help them WIN.
We are in danger of playing a perpetual chasing game whereby every winter we change the rules to counter something this person or that person has done. The ultimate end is we all have to shoot the same make gun, with the same pellets and the same scopes in the same way & I don't think any of us want to see that!

I also agree - as would most - with Neil's post, in that it's all about marshaling and enforcing the law. We are not going to go down the road of specific lane marshal's for kneelers as we don't have the man-power but we could make sure the roving marshal has a smart phone or digital camera so as they can randomly take footage/pics of competitors as they go through (this happened at the worlds in germany this year btw) for review at a later date, then if an infringement is deemed to have taken place we'll have the evidence and a penalty (dropped lane/points/yellow card/warning etc) can be applied retrospectively.

Therefore, if the BFTA feel that the rules are not robust or clear enough at present to uphold then they should be redrafted (back to you guys for that!) but if they feel they are ok as is then let's just enforce what we've got for next season, let Shaun compile some stat's and we can have an informed debate in readiness for 2015.
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